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Striking farm workers hold a demonstration at a lettuce field, Salinas, California.

Outdoor Mass.jpg
Mass is held on behalf of an imprisoned UFW demonstrator outside of the Bakersfield Jail, Bakersfield, California.

On March 10th, 1968, Cesar Chavez breaks his 25-day fast by accepting bread from Senator Robert Kennedy, Delano, California. Left to right: Helen Chavez, Robert Kennedy, Cesar Chavez

Jerry Brown_UFW.jpg
Governor Jerry Brown of California addresses members and supporters of the United Farm Workers (UFW).

Photograph showing the granting of the National Charter for the United Farm Workers Union from the AFL-CIO. From left to right: Msgr. George Higgins, Cesar Chavez, and AFL-CIO president George Meany.

Dolores Huerta.jpg
Dolores Huerta leads supporters of the United Farm Workers Union (UFW) in an unidentified march.

Chavez_Paul VI.jpg
Cesar Chavez visits with Bishop Joseph Donnelly (center) and Pope Paul VI during a trip to Rome, Italy.

Chavez_Huelga car.jpg
Portrait of Cesar Chavez and his "Huelga" car taken during the Delano Grape Strike, J.D. Marlin Ranch, Tulare County, California.

AWOC picket.jpg
A Filipino picketer holds a sign showing the support of the AFL-CIO and AWOC (Agricultural Workers Organizing Committee) for the Grape Strike, Delano, California.
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