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Dolores Huerta.jpg
Dolores Huerta leads supporters of the United Farm Workers Union (UFW) in an unidentified march.

Chavez_Paul VI.jpg
Cesar Chavez visits with Bishop Joseph Donnelly (center) and Pope Paul VI during a trip to Rome, Italy.

Chavez_Huelga car.jpg
Portrait of Cesar Chavez and his "Huelga" car taken during the Delano Grape Strike, J.D. Marlin Ranch, Tulare County, California.

AWOC picket.jpg
A Filipino picketer holds a sign showing the support of the AFL-CIO and AWOC (Agricultural Workers Organizing Committee) for the Grape Strike, Delano, California.

Charles B. Shuman, center, president of the American Farm Bureau Federation , meets with President John F. Kennedy. Shuman is joined by AFBF secretary-treasurer Roger Fleming.

Worker in the lettuce fields near Colorado River

Grape worker spraying produce
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