The Errors of Communism, Aid No. 5 (1961)

Errors of Communism 5.jpg

Poster No. 5 in the series of teaching aids on The Errors of Communism.

This is one in a series of posters produced by the Commission on American Citizenship to combat Communism, the “false philosophy that threatens to engulf the world.”


1. What geopolitical conflict “follow[ing] World War II” is the poster invoking?

2. What clues does the design of the poster offer about its intended use, including its intended audience(s)? Think about what parts of the poster would be seen if it were hung on the wall.

3. Why is it significant that the poster cites “secular authorities” (see first paragraph on reverse side of poster)?

4. What effect do you think such a strong stance against Communism might have had on the perception of American Catholics’ patriotism?

Errors of Communism 5 reverse.jpg

Reverse side of poster No. 5.