Mission Helpers, Sr. Juliana to Mo. Demetrias, Nov 6, 1904



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Mission Helpers, Sr. Juliana to Mo. Demetrias, Nov 6, 1904



"My dear Mother Demetrias,
We thought you might like to hear a little about our new Kindergarden or school as Father calls it. Mother Michael told Sister Wenceslause [sic] and myself monday night we were to go down on Bayard St and take in all the little beans the next morning mother gave us a box of coffee a pound box and thirty five cents twenty five cents for cart tickets and ten cents for a can of condensed milk and a framed picture of Saint Ann and the blessed mother so off we went at half past eight we went to the Italian church for high mass after Father Pazzi and the mothers with there children and sisters all started for the new house you can imagine what it was like the children did not mind it so much until the mothers started to leave them to go home such jumping and crying you never heard some of them even went so far as to give us an Italian dance on the feast of all saints finally after a great deal of coaxing we got the mothers to go and leave them with us then we had all kinds of times for a while we made a fix in the kitchen stove and tryed our best to quiet the children it was all most as bad at twelve oclock when the mothers came with there lunche we have stoped them from coming at noon most of the children go home those that stay bring there lunche when they come it is less confusing the first day we had 15 children the second day thirty two third day thirty six the fourth day forty two we did not have them come on saturday because the house was being cleaned we did not have any fire and the house was very damp the first day. Father Pazzi said we would have chicken for dinner so he sent Father Josephia over with a half of chicken backed and some baked potatoes and soup for the sisters and children Sister Yeusa came down about twelve oclock with some raw potatoes onions carprese [sic] beef bread chaw chaw and jelley and some Kitchen utensils which were very acceptable we were trying to get the childrens dinner ready which consisted of
Macaronie soup and what even there lunches contained when Father Josephia came in and asked where the sisters dinner was we put our dish of dinner in the cupboard so the children would not see it he could not understand where it went to so quickley so he started to look in the oven and cupboard at last he found it and said we must put it in the oven to keep hot and then he put the pot of soup on the stove he also brought over Father['s] best table cloth and napkins and glass tumblers which we did not use we get our own dinner and drink ready and cook coffee for the childrens dinner we take what they bring for there lunche they generally bring bread meat and fruit so we put the different things on plates and with the coffee they make out very nicely the house is very nice eight rooms bath summer kitchen semented [sic] cellar with furnace on the first floor we have a reception room with four chains desk table serving machine three statues the Blessed Mother Saint Joseph and the sacred heart the middle room is the children dining room two long home made desks turned into tables covered with white oil cloth and benches and a home made china closet on the mantle peice a small statue of Saint Anthony next the kitchen a few chairs and a nice kitchen table some dishes and cooking utensils see and stay front has old fashion desks and benches where we take the children and try to teach them a little about our holy religion the next to rooms we use for play rooms the third floor front will be for a bed room for the sisters the back Father wants for the Saint Aloysius Society we are going to have sewing school on Saturday after noon dear Mother I think you nearly all about our nursery please pray for us with fondest love from your unworthy child, Sister Juliana of the holy Eucharist."


Mission Helpers of the Sacred Heart


Mission Helpers' Collection




November 6, 1904


Mission Helpers of the Sacred Heart, “Mission Helpers, Sr. Juliana to Mo. Demetrias, Nov 6, 1904,” American Catholic History Classroom, accessed May 17, 2022, https://cuomeka.wrlc.org/items/show/1264.

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