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Writ of Certiorari - Zobrest vlina Foothills School District Summary Page 8.jpg
Extracts from the brief for Petitioners in Zobrest


1991 National Congress Facts about Catholic Education.jpg
A bulleted list of “impressive statistics” about Catholic education compiled for the 1991 National Congress on Catholic Schools for the 21st Century.


1991 National Congress Beliefs and Directions 1.jpg
Prologue to the National Congress on Catholic Schools for the Twenty-first Century


EK Folder1006.jpg
Typewritten compilation of responses to proposed modification of the habit.


A pink and green button with the words "Parents Choice" in the center and "Catholic Schools" above and below.

A story from the 1943 textbook These are Our People that applauds diversity and tolerance.

Critique by Archibald F Glover 1.jpg
Eloquent, handwritten dissection of passages from two history textbooks by the Vice President of the Brooklyn Catholic Interracial Council.

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Constitution and Bylaws of the NCEA 1.jpg
The document consists of a side-by-side comparison of the present constitution with the suggested changes.


9-page booklet written by the Rev. David J. Rieder, the Superintendent of Education in the Diocese of St. Cloud, discussing the shift from Catholics' compulsory to voluntary attendance at Catholic schools.


The second installment of the Show Us Brave series, describing the practice of slavery in America.
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