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The Teacher's Edition of the April 24, 1970 issue of Young Catholic Messenger. The inner pages describe the transition from Messenger to Scholastic Magazines.

NCEA Box 23 Folder 12 Erie Catholic School Week button.jpg
Promotional materials designed by the Diocese of Erie, Pennsylvania in order to publicize Catholic Schools Week in 1974.

Catholic Schools Week article 1.jpg
A letter and attachment from Edward R. D'Alessio, Ph.D., regarding Catholic Schools Week 1973.

Ritter Intervention page 1.jpg
An English translation of Cardinal Joseph Ritter's intervention, published by the NCWC News Service on November 20, 1964.


Viewpoint on Catholic Identity.jpg
A short article written by Sister Barbara Davis, S.C., one of ten delegates working on the Catholic identity theme at the 1991 National Congress on Catholic Schools.


The cover of the Young Catholic Messenger issue featuring the first article in the “Show Us Brave” series.

Faith and Freedom ad in America 1947.jpg
An advertisement for the Faith and Freedom basal reading series which appeared in the April 12, 1947 issue of America magazine. The ad describes the textbook as part of a "crusade of instruction in the fundamental nature of democracy."

Social Justice Blog001.jpg
Pope Leo XIII’s 1891 encyclical Rerum novarum is often seen as the fountainhead of modern Catholic social teaching.

EK Folder4003.jpg
Original habit (left) and first modification (right), 1960.
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