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Critique by Archibald F Glover 1.jpg
Eloquent, handwritten dissection of passages from two history textbooks by the Vice President of the Brooklyn Catholic Interracial Council.

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One Flag One Language One School 1903 cover.jpg
A pamphlet from the Truth and Light series, issued monthly by the Iconoclast Publishing Company in Chicago, IL.

A story from the 1943 textbook These are Our People that applauds diversity and tolerance.

9-page booklet written by the Rev. David J. Rieder, the Superintendent of Education in the Diocese of St. Cloud, discussing the shift from Catholics' compulsory to voluntary attendance at Catholic schools.


NCEA Box 23 Folder 12 Erie Catholic School Week button.jpg
Promotional materials designed by the Diocese of Erie, Pennsylvania in order to publicize Catholic Schools Week in 1974.

Catholic Schools Week article 1.jpg
A letter and attachment from Edward R. D'Alessio, Ph.D., regarding Catholic Schools Week 1973.

Handwritten letter dated Jan 2chmidt of Rogers City Michigan 1.jpg
Handwritten letter dated January 21, 1935 from Mrs. H. C. Schmidt of Rogers City, Michigan regarding her six-year-old daughter who must walk 1 mile to and from her parochial school to catch the bus at the public school.


1991 National Congress Beliefs and Directions 1.jpg
Prologue to the National Congress on Catholic Schools for the Twenty-first Century


Viewpoint on Catholic Identity.jpg
A short article written by Sister Barbara Davis, S.C., one of ten delegates working on the Catholic identity theme at the 1991 National Congress on Catholic Schools.


The Education of Our Young Relers by Sister M. Madeleva 1949 1.jpg
Presented at the 1949 NCEA Convention, this article by Sister M. Madeleva, C.S.C., is based on a hypothetical high school graduate poised to enter religious life: Lucy Young. In it, Sister Madeleva argues for better professional training of…
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