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Photograph of the Manufactures and Liberal Arts Building, in which the Catholic Educational Exhibit was installed.

Errors of Communism 5.jpg
Poster No. 5 in the series of teaching aids on The Errors of Communism. Map of the northeast hemisphere with Russia, Mongolia, North Korea, Poland, and various other eastern European countries colored red to symbolize the spread of Communism.

One Flag One Language One School 1903 cover.jpg
A pamphlet from the Truth and Light series, issued monthly by the Iconoclast Publishing Company in Chicago, IL.

EK Folder1004.jpg
Photograph of young, male Catholic school students posing in a line with their sister-teacher.

Allegations that Qian was a Communist effectively led to the suspension of his security clearance with the US Army, but his actual political allegiance at that time remains a mystery today. He was under house arrest for three years before leaving for…

Qian & von Karman.jpg
Ludwig Prandtl (German scientist), Tsien Hsue-sen (Chinese scientist), Theodore von Kármán (Hungarian-American scientist). Prandtl served for Germany; von Kármán and Tsien served for US Army; after 1956, Tsien served for China (Tsien was deported by…
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