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Dr.Chang in 1963.png
In a 1967 article, Dr. Gabriel D. Boehler briefly introduced Dr. Chang’s career and recalled that Chang “was in June 1963 Director of a very successful Symposium on Plasma Space Sciences which attracted world attention.” The symposium marked the…

Letters of Rec 1913.pdf
Included here are six letters sent between the Mission Helpers and the office of Bishop James McFaul of Trenton in 1913. In these letters the nuns are requesting a letter of recommendation from the bishop for them to include in their application to…

Letter of Defferment 1921.pdf
On September 10, 1921, Cardinal Gibbons and the Mission Helpers received this letter from the Vatican deferring their papal approval pending revisions to their constitutions.

In this letter of 1920, Fr. Papi writes to Sr. DeSales advising her not to worry too much about how long it had been since they had heard anything from Rome regarding their application. These things take time, he assures her.
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