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Many different social and economic programs from a range of countries influenced John Ryan's thinking on economic and social reform. This outline from Ryan's reference notes on the Bishops' Program reflect the influence of British reformist thought…

John A. Ryan's personal "Journal", kept during his years in the seminary and shortly thereafter. This selection, written in November 11, 1894, expresses his disappointment at the losses suffered by the People's Party in the November elections. The…

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Ignatius Donnelly was born in Philadelphia in 1831, the son of Irish Catholic immigrants. After attending a prestigious public high school, he decided to enter the legal profession and was admitted to the bar in 1852. He established a legal practice…

John Ryan's family subscribed to the The Irish World, a newspaper about Ireland for those living outside that country. Ryan writes that The Irish World "was widely read and began coming into our house when I was eleven years of age, about a year…

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This item is part of the background material for the 1919 Bishops' Program of Social Reconstruction section.
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