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NCEA SisterForm1001.jpg
Brochure published by the Sisters of Loretto, one of the oldest teaching sisterhoods in America.

1944 Map.jpg
A 1944 map showing Japanese occupation of eastern China. Kunming is at the Southwest corner of the map. The map is believed to have been included in The West Point Atlas of American Wars, vol. II, 1900-1953, edited by Colonel Vincent Esposito,…

Real Heros May 1942.jpg
The American comic book Real Heroes published a feature story of Chiang Kai-shek in its May 1942 issue.

Father Charles E. Coughlin
Photograph from Louis B. Ward, Father Charles E. Coughlin: An Authorized Biography (Detroit, 1933).

Members of the National Catholic War Council addressing troops in World War I, ca. 1918

Courtesy of the ACHRC/UA

NCWC Photo Album

Senator Francis E. Walter, 1939

Courtesy of the Library of Congress

Public Domain Photographs [LC-DIG-hec-27435]

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