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A 1930s picture taken by a Japanese photographer shows Xi’an county’s town center (today part of Liaoyuan city, Jilin Province), which was the nearest town to Dr. Chang’s home village. Notice the bilingual billboard in the middle, which juxtaposes…

After Mukden.jpg
Japanese troops in an unidentified city in northeastern China, circa September to October 1931. Notice the Chinese street signs and the Japanese national and military flags.

Tsinghua 1930.jpg
Glass lantern slide, "Ch'ing Hua College", Tsinghua University in parkland, hand coloured glass / paper, maker unknown, China / Australia, c.1930

Hand colored glass lantern slide showing the parkland of Tsinghua University in Peking. The building…

1944 Map.jpg
A 1944 map showing Japanese occupation of eastern China. Kunming is at the Southwest corner of the map. The map is believed to have been included in The West Point Atlas of American Wars, vol. II, 1900-1953, edited by Colonel Vincent Esposito,…

Real Heros May 1942.jpg
The American comic book Real Heroes published a feature story of Chiang Kai-shek in its May 1942 issue.

A 1946 picture shows a rare moment of relaxation during George Marshall’s foredoomed mediation campaign between the Communist and Nationalist Forces in China. Second from the left stands China’s future leader for twenty-seven years, Mao Zedong.…
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