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Tsinghua 1966.jpg
This photo captures the fervor and madness in the beginning of the Cultural Revolution: on August 24, 1966, students in Beijing clamored to tear down Tsinghua University’s western-styled gate, established in 1911. A giant statue of Mao would replace…

Qian & von Karman.jpg
Ludwig Prandtl (German scientist), Tsien Hsue-sen (Chinese scientist), Theodore von Kármán (Hungarian-American scientist). Prandtl served for Germany; von Kármán and Tsien served for US Army; after 1956, Tsien served for China (Tsien was deported by…

Allegations that Qian was a Communist effectively led to the suspension of his security clearance with the US Army, but his actual political allegiance at that time remains a mystery today. He was under house arrest for three years before leaving for…

EK Folder1004.jpg
Photograph of young, male Catholic school students posing in a line with their sister-teacher.
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