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The Unemployed Union in the City of Camden, New Jersey, marches south on Broadway.

This is Terence V. Powderly's certificate of membership in the National Union of Machinists and Blacksmiths, which was affiliated with Knights of Labor. The certificate is hand-drawn, and includes a photograph of Powderly mounted in the center.…

Chavez press conf001.jpg
Cesar Chavez speaks at a press conference apparently following the signing of contracts between the UFWOC and growers.

The National Conference of Catholic Welfare (NCWC) was reorganized in 1966 into the National Conference of Catholic Bishops (NCCB) and its secretariat, the United States Catholic Conference (USCC). In 2001 the two were reunited as the United States…

For more information on this particular item, visit the document page for John J. O'Grady, Untilted Article on Old-Age Pensions, January 25, 1934 This item is a part of the Catholics and Social Security: The National Conference of Catholic…

Uriah S. Stephens (1921-1882) founded the Noble and Holy Order of the Knights of Labor with eight fellow garment cutters in 1869. This item is part of the background to the Forging Bonds of Sympathy: The Catholic Church and the Knights of…

"The Breakers," Newport, RI
Residence of Mrs. Cornelius Vanderbilt

Photograph courtesy of the
Library of Congress
Prints and Photographs Division

Viewpoint on Catholic Identity.jpg
A short article written by Sister Barbara Davis, S.C., one of ten delegates working on the Catholic identity theme at the 1991 National Congress on Catholic Schools.


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