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A 1946 picture shows a rare moment of relaxation during George Marshall’s foredoomed mediation campaign between the Communist and Nationalist Forces in China. Second from the left stands China’s future leader for twenty-seven years, Mao Zedong.…

Dr. Chang explaining his Interplanetary Monitoring Platform (left) and Nimbus (right) satellite designs for NASA to the Catholic University of America's Rector McDonald.

清华大礼堂 1975 杨思泽.png
A rare photo in 1975 shows Tsinghua University’s Jeffersonian auditorium during the Cultural Revolution. The Chinese characters above the main entrance repeat the mantra of the decade: “Long Live Chairman Mao.” Dr. Chang might have noticed this…

Interview in 1973.png
An interview of Dr. Chang that appeared in the February, 1973 issue of the Catholic University's Envoy magazine.

Tsinghua 1966.jpg
This photo captures the fervor and madness in the beginning of the Cultural Revolution: on August 24, 1966, students in Beijing clamored to tear down Tsinghua University’s western-styled gate, established in 1911. A giant statue of Mao would replace…

Qian & von Karman.jpg
Ludwig Prandtl (German scientist), Tsien Hsue-sen (Chinese scientist), Theodore von Kármán (Hungarian-American scientist). Prandtl served for Germany; von Kármán and Tsien served for US Army; after 1956, Tsien served for China (Tsien was deported by…
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