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Catholic Identity of Catholic Schools circle.jpg
A page from the April 1992 issue of Momentum magazine discussing the first of five themes from the National Congress on Catholic Schools.


1991 National Congress folder.jpg
Pocket folder with the logo of the National Congress on Catholic Schools for the 21st Century emblazoned on the cover.

Handwritten letter dated Jan 2chmidt of Rogers City Michigan 1.jpg
Handwritten letter dated January 21, 1935 from Mrs. H. C. Schmidt of Rogers City, Michigan regarding her six-year-old daughter who must walk 1 mile to and from her parochial school to catch the bus at the public school.


Legal Box 100 Folder 31 Order for Publication School Bus Transportation Laws.jpg
Letter announcing the Legal Department's survey of school bus transportation laws in the U.S.


Zobrest scissors illustration.jpg
One of many articles included in the scrapbook that the Zobrest family presented to William Bentley Ball upon the successful conclusion of their case.

Ball speaking to reporters outside the Supreme Court after the Zobrest case (February 24, 1993).

NCEA SisterForm1001.jpg
Brochure published by the Sisters of Loretto, one of the oldest teaching sisterhoods in America.

The Education of Our Young Relers by Sister M. Madeleva 1949 1.jpg
Presented at the 1949 NCEA Convention, this article by Sister M. Madeleva, C.S.C., is based on a hypothetical high school graduate poised to enter religious life: Lucy Young. In it, Sister Madeleva argues for better professional training of…

EK Folder4003.jpg
Original habit (left) and first modification (right), 1960.

Social Justice Blog001.jpg
Pope Leo XIII’s 1891 encyclical Rerum novarum is often seen as the fountainhead of modern Catholic social teaching.
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