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This collection of documents and images will be featured in Mandy Bernard's Classroom site on the history of Catholic Schools between 1893 and 1993.


Amanda (Mandy) Bernard



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St. Rita School
Photograph of young, male Catholic school students posing in a line with their sister-teacher.

One Flag, One Language, One School
A pamphlet from the Truth and Light series, issued monthly by the Iconoclast Publishing Company in Chicago, IL.

1948 – New Red Gains Follow World War II
Poster No. 5 in the series of teaching aids on The Errors of Communism. Map of the northeast hemisphere with Russia, Mongolia, North Korea, Poland, and various other eastern European countries colored red to symbolize the spread of Communism.

Southeast View of Manufactures and Liberal Arts Building
Photograph of the Manufactures and Liberal Arts Building, in which the Catholic Educational Exhibit was installed.

Alcoves Nos. 1, 2, and 3
Collective exhibits of the School Sisters of Notre Dame of Milwaukee and Baltimore.

Alcove No. 7
Exhibit of the Archdiocese of New York.

The Catholic Identity of Catholic Schools
A page from the April 1992 issue of Momentum magazine discussing the first of five themes from the National Congress on Catholic Schools.

National Congress on Catholic Schools for the Twenty-First Century
Pocket folder with the logo of the National Congress on Catholic Schools for the 21st Century emblazoned on the cover.

Letter from Mrs. H. C. Schmidt to NCWC
Handwritten letter dated January 21, 1935 from Mrs. H. C. Schmidt of Rogers City, Michigan regarding her six-year-old daughter who must walk 1 mile to and from her parochial school to catch the bus at the public school.

Letter from William F. Montavon to all members of hierarchy
Letter announcing the Legal Department's survey of school bus transportation laws in the U.S.
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