"The Catholic Viewpoint on Industry Councils"; "Industrial Councils"


The 'Catholic' Viewpoint on Industry Councils

Archbishop James F. McIntyre continued his behind-the-scenes efforts to undermine the Church’s commitment to the Industry Council Plan (ICP) after the November, 1948 NCWC meeting. In a probably related move, the 1949 meeting established a committee to study the “vocational group system.” The increasing opposition to the ICP undoubtedly led William J. Smith S.J. to publish this article in a publication solely intended for clerics. Smith’s anti-communism and combative temperament are well-known, but little-appreciated is his abiding loyalty to the Catholic Church’s version of economic democracy. Bishop Karl J. Alter chose to respond directly to Smith – without mentioning his name – in a publication read by both clerics and laity.



Industrial Councils



As you read these documents, reflect on the following questions:

About what did Smith and Alter agree and disagree?