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DeSalesReport(A) - Compressed.pdf
Sister DeSales had been a Mission Helper since the 1890s and was intimately involved in the crisis of 1906. As such she played a significant role in aiding Mother Demetrias in her effort to hold an election in November, 1906. Sr. DeSales compiled…


"My dear Mother Benedict,
I am sure the cable announcing the election surprised you all but what will you think when I tell you Mrs. Hartwell, Miss Maczalouis, Miss Geohegan, Miss Doulon, left shortly after they learned the…

ThreeSistersToTarro -Compressed.pdf
The three young nuns, Sr. Mary Catherine, Sr. Mary Nepomucene, and Sr. Mary Aloysius wrote this letter in support of Mother Joseph and in opposition of Mother Demetrias and her supporters to the Mission Helpers' Spiritual Director Fr. Tarro on…

Mother Demetrias's letter to Cardinal Gibbons calling on him to endorse an election to install a new Mother Superior of the Mission Helpers.


"Easter Monday,
Rev. Mother M. Joseph,
Dear Rev. Mother,

I thank you for your kind Easter greeting; I hope you had a bright and joyous Easter. Yesterday we had quite a storm here raised by Mrs Crawford, the mother of Willette.…

Father George M. Searle, C. S. P. was an accomplished mathematician and astronomer, Professor of Mathematics at The Catholic University of America from 1895-1897, and Superior General of the Paulists from 1904-1910.




"Dear Mother Joseph,
I am so sorry I did not answer your letter sooner with regard to Etta Doris. I really do not know what had better be done. It seems a shame to have her return to such a place as her parents have But I may leave…


"Dear Rev. Mother,
You wrote me some time ago that you had room for several children; therefore I hope it will not inconvenience you to recieve (sic), at so short a notice, two girls, tomorrow afternoon. One of them is a child from…


“Mother Catherine,
Dear Lady,
I now write to you again making three times to give me my child Daisy Ellis that is Baltimore school I called to see you But was not given that privilege I have only received answer to one tell me…

In this letter, Katharine Drexel outlines how her Sisters of the Blessed Sacrament and Mother Joseph's Mission Helpers of the Sacred Heart are to collaborate in taking care of African American children.
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