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"My dear Mother Demetrias,
We thought you might like to hear a little about our new Kindergarden or school as Father calls it. Mother Michael told Sister Wenceslause [sic] and myself monday night we were to go down on Bayard St and…

In this letter of November 6, 1904 to Mother Demetrias, Sr. M. Juliana describes at length how the Mission Helpers in Trenton, NJ are running their kindergarten for Italian children.

In this letter Mother Demetrias reports to Mother Joseph about the Mission Helpers' activities in Atlantic City. On page 3 of the letter she mentions that 1000 Italians live in the city, while on page 8 she notes that "The poverty amongst the…

Girls in the Ironing Room of St. Peter Claver's Industrial School and Home connected with the Mission Helpers' Laundry.

Mission Helpers, Dormitory of St. Peter Claver's Industrial School and Home, c. 1900

Mother Demetrias Cunningham of The Mission Helpers of the Sacred Heart with students in Baltimore, MD, c. 1910

Commemorative Card of Mother Demetrias (d. April 9, 1940)

Sister M. Gertrude, O.P.; formerly Fanny Curry, a pupil of the Mission Helpers' St. Peter Claver's Industrial School and Home

The vow Sister Demetrias (born Mary Cunningham, eventually Mother Demetrias) took on October 2, 1892.
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