Catholic Responses to Nazism


Father Joseph Corrigan

Courtesy of ACUA

The materials collected here present the views of American Catholics on Nazi Germany, specifically the regime's treatment of Jews. The first item is the Catholic University anti-Nazi broadcast of November 1938, followed by a press release on the broadcast. The third item is a transcript of Father Charles Coughlin's radio broadcast of November 1938. The final item is correspondence between Irving Shermand and Father Joseph Corrigan between December 1938 and September 1939. 

Audio broadacast and documents

Catholic University Anti-Nazi Broadcast, November 16, 1938.

Press Release on Anti-Nazi Broadcast, November 21, 1938 by National Catholic Welfare Conference News Service.

"Persecution-Jewish and Christian" November 20, 1938, Father Charles Coughlin Broadcast Transcript

Multiple page correspondence between Irving Sherman and Fr. Joseph Corrigan, December 1, 1938-September 18, 1939.

Note: Materials are for classroom use only and not for public reproduction, rebroadcast or retransmission without permission of the Archives

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