The 1985 Rome Synod: Reporting

Yardstick-Geoge Higgins 4-14-1986 (12)

George Higgins, "Eyewash," Yardstick column, April 14, 1986

Religion and Society Synod Report March 1986 (11)

Richard Neuhaus, The Religion and Society Report, "That Extraordinary Synod," March 1986.

In January 1985, Pope John Paul II announced the convening of an "extraordinary" synod (an assembly of clergy, in this case, the bishops of the church).  The synod would revisit and reevaluate the applications of the teaching issued during Vatican II at its 20 year anniversary.  Neuhaus went to Rome and covered the synod as editor of the Religion and Society Report.  Higgins challenged Neuhaus' report through his Yardstick column the following month.  Both are presented here.    


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