Two Influential Catholic Priests


George Higgins received the Medal of Freedom in 2000


George Higgins, Medal of Freedom Narrative, August, 2000


Richard Neuhaus to George W. Bush, 5/28/2004


Karl Rove to Richard neuhaus, 11-11-2004

Both George Higgins and Richard Neuhaus were influential in national politics in their time.  Here are documents related to that influence, though boht individuals were influential  in public life in many other ways as well.

George Higgins received the Medal of Freedom from President Bill Clinton in August 2000, while Richard Neuhaus offered President George W. Bush advice on matters related to religion and public life in both 1999 and 2004, during both of his presidential campaigns.  George Higgins is shown receiving his Medal of Freedom, as is his related citation.  A letter from Richard Neuhaus to George Bush offering advice is reproduced here, as is a letter written by Bush advisor Karl Rove thanking Neuhaus for his advisement.  Consider the following:

1.  In what ways do the documents suggest that each priest influenced public life?