Mission Helpers, Demetrias to Joseph, September 20, 1905



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Mission Helpers, Demetrias to Joseph, September 20, 1905


This is a letter Mother Demetrias sent to Mother Joseph from Puerto Rico on September 20, 1905. Demetrias begins by asking for new bags and pockets to be sent to the sisters in Puerto Rico, as theirs are in poor condition. She informs Mo. Joseph that the sisters in Puerto Rico have taken on a new deaf student, a five year old girl, and that they have gotten a new confessor who is more to their liking than previous ones. She says that the sisters are preparing to visit a town called Calibre, where there is no church, and stay with a "good Catholic" named Ms. O'Connor as they do house visits there and gather children for catechism classes. Demetrias further speculates that Aquadilla will soon be a prosperous town once the railroad is finished in 1906. On page three Mo. Demetrias discusses personnel matters, suggesting which sisters should be left in charge of the smaller houses throughout Puerto Rico. On page 4, Demetrias makes a new entry to this report for Mo. Joseph, dated September 25, noting that the bishop had given Mass. Demetrias now notes that some sisters will soon travel from Aquadilla to the more remote settlement of Calibre to recruit students for catechism classes. She writes: "The Protestants are making great efforts now, house visiting in Catana three times a week, giving medicine, clothes, money, and the Srs tell of the children, who stand and argue with them about the Lord etc as learnedly as a Baptist evangelist, their efforts are not to be despised. Don't you think we ought to, when it is possible, have a little singing for our catechism classes, the sisters seem to think you do not wish it, children need a little charming and singing is a great help. ... [Demetrias then describes the comings and goings of individuals associated with the Mission Helpers in Puerto Rico] ... Fr. Martinez says he is more afraid of the Spiritualists than the Protestants but I told him the work these last were doing was not to be despised. ..."


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September 20, 1905


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