Mission Helpers, Demetrias to Joseph, July 10, 1905



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Mission Helpers, Demetrias to Joseph, July 10, 1905


In this letter to Mother Joseph, Demetrias writes from Aquadilla: “We left San Juan July 4th, we arrived here six hours or so afterwards, it was not though an unpleasant trip, for the scenery was magnificent. The sisters here look well and happy. [describes a house visit to a mother and father who are eager for their daughter to be trained well enough that she could potentially support herself as a teacher once they died. They are happy their daughter is with the nuns in New York and Altantic City] … I went to confession this in Spanish, wrote it, I do not think it was very clear. … [I did a house visit] with Sr. Baptiste, she also did a little house visiting, how odd everything is, and what queer Catholicism, sister works in earnest and seems as far as I can judge to catechize well. … although the heat here is frightful at most of the time, it is so quiet and restful, it is a treat to be here, the bathing is delightful. … It was very touching at the little church here this morning and devotional the music was good, and the singing, though by little girls, was liturgical, the priest here has trained them, and it was a credit to him. Our Lady of Mt Carmel was enthroned, high above the high altar, oh may she save these poor people. This is the quaintest place in the world, and the people truly primitive, it reminds one of the days of our Lord, when he drove the venders of wares out of the temple, and whilst these here are not actually in the temple, they are you may say, neither in nor out, but in and out, I think I could like these people very much especially the poor. … I have been an aid for house visiting here, it is too painful to talk about it. I guess it is better to pray about it, with God’s help our good sisters will do much to prevent the spread of Protestantism among the poor, who listen to them and respect them. The house here is clean and free from vermin, except mosquitos and those dreadful roaches, also many ants are here, the roaches are by the 100s in the toilet … I suppose I will have plenty of time to acquire Spanish now, but if I am as stupid about it, as at the deaf mute signing, I will not be very proficient.”


The Mission Helpers of the Sacred Heart


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