"Oregon School Ruling Cited in Evolution Suit," June 3, 1925


Only days after the Supreme Court ruling on the Oregon School Law, comparisons were drawn between it and the dispute in Tennessee over the teaching of evolution. In this article, arguments to support both sides of the Tennessee dispute were taken from the Oregon case. This reflected the wide-ranging impact of the Oregon case on American education.





  • Explain what is in dispute in the Tennessee case.
  • How could those on either side of the Tennessee case draw support for their argument from the Oregon School case?
  • Explain how you think the Tennessee case was related to the questions of Americanization and the struggle between parents' and states' role in educating children that were important in the Oregon case.
  • Imagine that you are a Ku Klux Klan member who supported the Compulsory Education Law. What would your opinion be in the Tennessee case? What would it be if you were a parent whose child attended Hill Military Academy?