"The Hill Cadet," October 1922


The Hill Military Academy was a non-sectarian, all boys, boarding school founded in 1852 by an Anglican missionary in Portland, Oregon. Their monthly newsletter provided information on school related activities for students and alumni. The October 10, 1022 editorial addressed the Compulsory Education Bill and discussed how it would negatively affect the Academy.



  • Choose one of the reasons put forth by the advertisers not to support the compulsory education bill and explain what it means and how it reflects the bill.
  • Why is the Compulsory Education Bill a topic of concern for the editors of "The Hill Cadet?"
  • Imagine that you are a cadet at Hill Military Academy and have been asked to write an editorial for the school paper.
    In two paragraphs express your opinion on the bill and how it might affect your life and education as a young man attending Hill Military Academy.