"Bigotry Suppressed," June 2, 1925


Like so many others in early June of 1925, this article discussed the importance of the Supreme Court ruling on the Oregon School Law. This ruling was of great interest because of its widespread influence and because it "settled for all time this momentous issue." As this article illustrated, the impact of the Supreme Court decision would be felt far beyond Oregon, affecting the education of every American child.




  • What groups joined the Sisters and Hill Military Academy when the case rose to the Supreme Court? Why is this important?
  • How did the educational system in Massachusetts differ from that in Oregon after the Compulsory Education Law was passed? What, if any, were the similarities between education in these two states?
  • According to this article, what is the opinion on private schools expressed by the Supreme Court? What is the opinion of the article's author on private schools?
  • Explain why articles such as this appeared all over America, rather than just in Oregon where the case originated.