Confidential Memorandum: Bulletin No. 1, December 4, 1934


Confidential Memorandum: Bulletin No. 1

The same day that the Special Committee on Employment and Relief issued their report, the NCCC's Committee on Policies and Resolutions printed this bulletin for the committee members. The NCCC committee had decided during their first meeting that it would be advantageous for bulletins like this to be issued at regular intervals, in order to keep members up-to-date on the "rapid changes taking place in politics and plans of the Federal Administration." John O'Grady's position as a member of the Advisory Council to the Committee on Economic Security gave the NCCC an advantage when passing along information about "up to the minute trends and rumors." Thus, the bulletin's reports on the resolutions adopted by the Special Committee are verbatim, and also provide insight into the discussions that surrounded the resolutions.




As you read the document, reflect on the following questions:

  • What was the Special Committee's position on a public works program? How did they distinguish between "public works" and "emergency works"?
  • What were some of the restrictions on unemployment compensation that were favored by the Special Committee? What do you think the benefit of these restrictions would be?
  • The Special Committee was particularly concerned with identifying the relationship of the state to the federal government in the distribution of public relief. What were the three points that the committee agreed on?