Memorandum on Questions for Discussion by the Continuing Committe; Minutes of the Meeting, Dec. 3, 1934


Memo on question for Continuing Committee

Minutes of Continuing Committee

The second meeting of the sub-committee of Diocesan Directors of the NCCC - the committee formed in order to give O'Grady input from other Catholic leaders concerning the topics under discussion by the President's Committee on Economic Security - was held in early December of 1934. In advance of the meeting, O'Grady wrote a memo presenting questions for discussion, which is the first document presented here. The second document contains the minutes of the meeting; readers can compare the questions in the memo with the actual discussion that took place. This meeting is particularly interesting because of a discussion concerning the historical context of the American unemployment, as well as comparisons of American relief programs with similar programs in Europe.



As you read the documents, reflect on the following questions:

  • The confidential memorandum lists questions for discussion, including whether there should be a public, government-administered welfare bureau and the role of Federally-sponsored public works as a means of stimulating economic recovery. Can you find the corresponding discussion of these questions in the minutes of the meeting? What was the general consensus on them?
  • What were the European relief programs like? Did American programs compare favorably with the European examples? Why or why not?
  • Are there any questions from the memo that were not debated at the meeting?