Report of the Special Committee Advisory to the President's Committee on Economic Security, December 4, 1934


Dr. Goetz A. Briefs

In contrast with some of the earlier documents on this site, the document here was not produced by the National Conference of Catholic Charities. Instead, it is the report of the Special Committee on Employment and Relief, of which John O'Grady was a member, to the main body of the President's Committee on Economic Security. As such, it represents the perspective a broader group outside Catholic institutional circles. In fact, this Special Committee had gathered another group of experts to advise them on making recommendations. This smaller group included Dr. Goetz Briefs [misspelled in the document as G. A. Briess], a German immigrants and professor of economics at Catholic University, who was able to provide the Special Committee with ideas from European relief efforts as well as economic data on funding various programs.



Report to Advise the President's Committee on Economic Security


As you read the document, reflect on the following questions:

  • What was the Special Committee's recommendations for caring for the most vulnerable unemployed people, such as the infirm and children?
  • Why did the report suggest the creation of an education program for 16-21-year-olds? Do you think this was a good idea? Why or why not?
  • The report advises the CES to establish a permanent Federal Public Welfare Bureau with authority over state welfare departments. What reasons did they use to explain this recommendation? How does this recommendation compare with the NCCC's opinion of a Federal welfare bureau, as demonstrated in the minutes of their Dec. 3 meeting?