Confidential Memorandum Prepared for the Committee on Policies and Resolutions of the NCCC, Bulletin No. 7, March 28, 1935


Confidential Memorandum, Bulletin No. 7

The NCCC's Committee on Policies and Resolutions continued to publish regular bulletins in order to advise its members on current events and discussions concerning social and economic topics. This bulletin from March is entirely occupied with the continuing debates over the social security bill, which was also known as the Wagner-Lewis bill. In addition, the bulletin reports on legislative advancements: the states of Utah and Washington had both passed new unemployment compensation laws which had recently come into effect. The bulletin illustrates the deep interest of the NCCC leaders in the pressing political questions of the day, and their continuing involvement in the social security debates.



As you read the document, reflect on the following questions:

  • What was the "overwhelming sentiment" of the representatives of various organizations who met to discuss the Social Security Bill on March 15? What action did they take to as a result of this conviction?
  • What were some of the objections to the bill raised by the American Association for Social Security?
  • The bulletin discusses some of the recent changes to the Social Security Bill. How do you think these changes compare to the ones proposed by the NCCC?