Statement of the Diocesan Directors of Catholic Charities of the United States Representing the NCCC in Regard to the Social Security Bill, ca. 1935


NCCC Diocesan Directors statement on Social Security bill

Once the Social Security Bill had been introduced into Congress, organizations like the NCCC were free to lobby openly for changes and modifications to Bill's language. The long history of Catholic charitable care for orphans, poor children, and the elderly ensured the NCCC's special interest in the provisions of the Bill relating to those fields. John O'Grady and other NCCC leaders had been pioneers in social work, and were eager that the Bill reflect real-life circumstances and protect family liberty and individual freedom. With these goals in mind, the NCCC Diocesan Directors issued this statement concerning the Social Security Bill. It represents an official institutional position on the child care and old-age provisions of the legislation.



As you read the document, reflect on the following questions:

  • Did the NCCC think that the Federal government should be entering the field of child care? Why or why not? What kind of restrictions did the NCCC think there should be on Federal involvement?
  • How does the NCCC think that aid to children should be administered? What role should the states play?
  • What is the NCCC's opinion on unemployment insurance? Old-age pensions? Does the NCCC make any suggestion of additions or changes to these proposals?