Thomas Mulholland to Bruce Mohler, June 19, 1952; and Bruce Mohler to Thomas Mulholland, June 20, 1952


Mulholland to Mohler and reply

Thomas Mulholland was the Port Director for the New York branch of the NCWC's Bureau of Immigration, and deeply interested in the new McCarran-Walter legislation. On reading O'Grady's article in Commonweal attacking the new legislation and criticizing the NCWC's support of it, Mulholland sent this memo to the head of the Bureau of Immigration, Bruce Mohler, refuting several of O'Grady's statements.



As you read the document, reflect on the following questions:

  • Why does Mulholland think that the 1920 census is an adequate basis for the national origins quota system?
  • Does Mulholland agree or disagree with O'Grady's belief that McCarran-Walter Act is prejudiced against people from southern and eastern Europe? Why?
  • What errors does Mulholland point out in O'Grady's article?