Voting Statistics from Boston


Here is voting data for Roosevelt, Landon, and Lemke as published in the Boston Evening Globe and The New York Times on the day following Roosevelt's victory. The figures are broken down by ward and precinct. The final pages show the votes by states for Roosevelt and Landon, and compare the numbers to Roosevelt's 1932 election over Hoover.



As you read the document, reflect on the following questions:

  • The final page of The Boston Evening Globe contains statistics on votes for president from each city and town in Massachusetts. What city had the most votes for Roosevelt? Landon? Lemke?
  • How many Bostonians voted for Roosevelt? One table compares the resutls of the 1936 election to Roosevelt's 1932 victory over Hoover. Did the number of Bostonians voting for Roosevelt change significantly in 1936?
  • The state voting estimates from The New York Times compare the 1936 election to the results from 1932. Which states had majorities for Hoover in 1932, but voted for roosevelet in 1936?