Charles Coughlin, John Ryan, and the 1936 Presidential Campaign

Speeches and Pamphlets
Reactions and Responses


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Speeches and Pamphlets

Selected Coughlin Radio Sermons: "Prologue" and "Christianized Democracy." Father Coughlin's Radio Discourses. Baltimore: Knox and O'Leary, 1931.

John Ryan. Shall the NRA Be Scrapped? Washington D.C.: Catholic Conference on Industrial Problems, 1934.

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Charles Coughlin. Speech at the Townsend Convention in Cleveland, OH, July 16, 1936. Transcription.

Franklin D. Roosevelt. Speech Delivered to the New York State Democratic Convention, September 29, 1936.

John Ryan. Roosevelt Safeguards America, October 8, 1936. New York: The Democratic National Committee, 1936.

Charles Coughlin. A Reply to Right Reverend Monsignor John Ryan. n.d. (1936), probably from Social Justice, Reprint of Radio Broadcast. Ryan Scrapbook, ACUA.

Charles Coughlin. An Open Letter, November 8, 1936. Ryan Scrapbook, ACUA.

Charles Coughlin.  "Father Coughlin's Concluding Saturday Night Radio Broadcast," Social Justice, November 16, 1936.

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John Ryan to Raymond Moley, November 29, 1932 and Moley's response to Ryan, February 21, 1933.

Charles Coughlin to Rev. Earle B. Jewell, November 27, 1934.

Charles Coughlin to Member of NUSJ, April, 1935.

FDR to John Ryan, September 24, 1935; Ryan to FDR, September 24, 1935.

Rev. John J. Burke to Archbishop Edward Mooney, July 17, 1936.

Anonymous Letter to Charles Coughlin, September 28, 1936.

John Ryan-James Hoey Correspondence related to "Roosevelt Safeguards America" Speech, September-November 1936.

Jessie Horton to John Ryan, October 8, 1936.

E. Doskey to John Ryan, October 8, 1936.

Mrs. Joseph G. Caskey to Charles Coughlin, October 12, 1936.

Mary Rose Hyland to John Ryan, October 12, 1936.

Thomas Kenan to John Ryan, October 23, 1936.

Mary Roth to John Ryan, November 8, 1936.

Anonymous Letter to Charles Coughlin, November 15, 1936.

Bishop John Peterson to Rev. John J. Burke, October 1936.

FDR telegram to John Ryan, November 1936; John Ryan to FDR, November 12, 1936.

John Ryan to FDR, November 12, 1936.

Rose Welch to John Ryan, November 24, 1936.

FDR to Ryan and Response from Ryan to FDR, January 7, 1937.

Maurice Sheehy to FDR, May 3, 1940.

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Catholic Involvement in the 1936 Election: Reactions and Responses

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Memorandum on the Involvement of NCWC Staff in Politics, March 3, 1936. (NCWC Papers, ACUA.)

"Ohio Voters Go to Primaries Fired by Talks of Fr. Coughlin" Social Justice, (May 15, 1936). Social Justice Collection, ACUA.

"Bishop Gives Approval to Social Justice Pastor", Social Justice, (August 3, 1936).

"Coughlin Again Backs Bullets in Ballot Fails," Washington Post (September 27, 1936).

"Coughlin Impugns his Bishop's Intelligence--Bishop Replies" Central North-West Topics (October 9, 1936).

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Editorial, "Two Political Priests" Baltimore Catholic Review, (October 16, 1936).

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Voting Statistics from Boston.

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